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Sparrow Coffee 16oz

Siula Grande


This montage plays on some of the most difficult areas of coffee roasting.  It takes a coffee origin near temperature extremes (without tipping or carbonizing) and two other origins on carefully orchestrated, specific roast curves to achieve the flavors desired.  These roasts are so exacting that a variance of just a one degree on any six-second interval would be disastrous.  Very labor intensive…very flavor intensive!

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1 lb


Whole Bean (Grind 0), Cascading Temp Brew (Grind 1), Electric Perc (Grind 2), Chemex (Grind 3), French Press (Grind 4), Hario Dripper (Grind 4+), Flat-Bottom Drip (Grind 5), Vacuum, Technivorm (Grind 5+), Nel Drip (Grind 6), Cone Drip (Grind 6+), Home Espresso, 24-hr Cold Brew (Grind 7-), Espresso Dark Roasted (Grind 7), Espresso Medium Roasted (Grind 8), Espresso Lite Roasted (Turkish) (Grind 9)