We designed our inaugural café to make a statement. It embodies warmth and incorporates decorative elements from around the world. Solid walnut furnishings and embellishments are grounded by industrial materials like concrete and black steel throughout. We spared no expense. The design is as unique as our coffee. The architectural elements are the brainchild of the talented design team at BlocHaus and our founder Chris Chacko, whose grand vision of "bringing opposites together in harmony" can be felt immediately upon entering the space. In all we do, craft and technology are incorporated seamlessly into delivering excellence to our customers.

Our communal seating and open kitchen feel are meant to encourage dialogue, not division, with those around you. Talk to your neighbor. You may find a friend for life. Depending on your needs, the space can transform into an intellectual salon, a sanctuary for mindful reflection, or simply a place to watch our highly trained barista team execute impeccable beverages with precision and care.


Our café is a coffee nerd's idea of heaven. When it comes to the technology, no expense has been spared. Our equipment is the absolute cutting edge in coffee technology. Come in to have a perfect esperesso, pulled flawlessly on our custom built Kees van der Westen espresso machine, or enjoy one of our single origin selections brewed on our pour steady. We have yet to find a coffee shop that matches our level of investment in the latest and greatest coffee technology.

Our Baristas

While it's true that exceptional coffee requires fine, precisly calibrated equipment, even more important is the skill of the barista brewing your beverage. Therefore, we spend a great deal of time and effort training and educating our baristas on everything from pouring the perfect cappuccino to the terroir of each major coffee growing region. Everyone you will see behind our bar has gone through a rigorous training process and has proven that they meet or exceed our standards in every aspect of the job. Rest assured that no matter what you decide to order, you are in good hands.

The Cows and Our Milk

Our attention to detail extends to even the milk we use in our beverages. Exclusive to Sparrow, our milk is the result of years spent driving across the United States searching for a dairy that shares our values and core commitment to quality, which we found in a biodynamic, organic farm in Wisconsin. Unlike commercial milk taken from Holstein cows, our milk is from an entire herd of 30 jersey cows that enjoy their existence in a well-cared-for, nurturing environment. It's the finest milk available, typically used only for cheese and butter-making. Jersey cows cannot produce the same volume as the more cost-effective and commercially used Holstein, but the milk is both rich and delicate. It embodies terroir and changes seasonally to reflect what the cows are eating in the field. We find this really cool. Craft milk for craft coffee.

Food and Respect

If you are familiar with our coffee, it should not come as a suprise that we have put significant thought into our food menu as well, elevating it beyond standard coffee shop fare. We source the highest quality ingredients available, and every dish we add to our menu has gone through rigorous evaluation to ensure it meets our strict standards. Our goal is to provide an exceptional experience for anyone who visits our café, so we crafted our menu with the diverse needs and tastes of our customers in mind. You are sure to find something you will love here.

Café Menu

We offer a roasting selection of over 100 unique, single origin coffees for sale at our café. These are available either as whole bean retail selections to enjoy at home, or as brewed beverages to savor inside the café. If you have any questions regarding our current offerings, swing by the shop and ask our knowledgeable baristas for recommendations. They love to talk coffee, so don't be shy.

Unique Coffee Experiences

Classes and tutoring will be offered from time to time. We encourage you to sign up for a modest fee and learn from our barista team. The knowledge gained will last a lifetime. Journey into the world of coffee and espresso and join us for tastings.


120 Water Street
Suite 110
Naperville, IL 60540
Phone: 630-384-8940


We are located in downtown Naperville in the new Water Street Development on the south side of the river, next to the Indigo Hotel entrance. Free parking is directly behind our café and is part of the hotel complex. It’s a convenient place to park before strolling through downtown Naperville enjoying its iconic river walk and vibrant nightlife. We hope to see you soon.


Open 6 AM to 6 PM
Christmas Eve hours 6 AM to 4 PM
Closed on Christmas Day