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Common Threads Montage


Created by the Common Threads’ tasting panel and master roaster Chris Chacko, the Common Threads’ coffee blend is a montage of subtle berry and floral nuances with unmistakable milk-chocolate undercurrents. Its acidity is clean and balanced yet lingers pleasantly on the palate.

It boasts an entirely African heritage of coffee sourced from Mt Elgon and Mt Kilimanjaro, each origin craft-roasted separately to achieve depth of flavor unique to its terroir.

BREWING– always weigh grounds and water for proper flavor profile; freshly roasted coffee will continually de-gas depending on the roasting date so it is difficult to “eye” the water level with varying blooms

Brewing Ratio for French Press: 40 grams grounds to 24 ounces 200F water

Stirring: Add grounds; Add ½ the weighted water, stir, and then add remaining water and do not stir further or disturb the bloom

Steeping: cover for 3-4 minutes, then push plunger screen down before serving

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