Sparrow’s wholesale coffee customers receive unparalleled attention to detail, access to our team's knowledge and expertise, and a custom coffee that has been crafted to meet their specific needs.

Through our wholesale program, we strive to nurture a coffee philosophy with its roots in education rather than pretension - taking care to educate our customers on practices that preserve the excellence in the cup. Customers deal directly with us at the roastery on all levels including full equipment support with the best coffee equipment available, eliminating the need to work with an outside distributor who likely does not possess our knowledge of coffee roasting and brewing.

We do not market our coffee to grocery stores or distributors. Sparrow Coffee is not about volume but is instead artesian roasted using skills and techniques that have been finely tuned over two decades of experience in the industry. At our core, Sparrow is about the craft of coffee - perfecting it and pushing its limits. We are reimagining coffee with the same passion and endearment that our customers show their culinary creations. For this reason, we choose to work with chef-driven restaurants that do not accept the status quo.

Before any coffee is sold, green coffee samples are meticulously evaluated using several roasting methodologies, cupped, and finally brewed using a multitude of brewing apparatuses. While coffee should taste great when brewed using a manual pour device, or a French press, or finely calibrated commercial drip machine, not all roasts are optimally suited to all brewing methods. Some flavor nuances are missed at certain extractions, while in other cases the flavors are apparent after a slight cooling down period. Adjusting a roast to the specific brewing needs of a customer is a Sparrow Coffee first. It takes custom coffee creation to another level.

Creating a one-of-a-kind coffee for each of our wholesale customers is laborious, costly, and takes days of creative thought and sampling. This unique and intensive approach to our program pays off tenfold in customer satisfaction. Customers taste the difference of Sparrow Coffee.

Certified Equipment

Coffee and espresso require perfectly tuned equipment. At Sparrow, we roast specifically for the equipment we install at your location. It is knowledge gained after countless cuppings spanning years of coffee roasting. Coffee should taste great no matter which brewer is used, but there is a fine line between great and truly exceptional. That is why we certify equipment ourselves, so that we may guarantee that only equipment that meets our exacting standards is installed. This ensures that every cup you serve tastes consistently excellent. To learn more about our full-service program, contact our wholesale department.

Equipment Service

Sparrow stands behind every equipment install with expert in-house service. As a wholesale coffee customer, you will receive value-added benefits you may not even realize exist but happen behind the scenes. We are a phone call away and respond within minutes of most inquiries.

Equipment service is also available to non-coffee customers utilizing commercial coffee equipment. Call for details.